Q. How do I avoid litigation or judgment on my account?

A. Contact our company as soon as possible. We will find a solution with
your specific needs in mind.

Q. What is my next step to satisfy this portfolio?

A. Contact our office for arrangements. Our highly trained and
professional associates are here to assist you.

Q. What forms of payment does your company accept?

A. We at Clear Debt wish to make it easy to submit payment. We accept

1. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover
2. Bank transfers (wire to wire)
3. Certified check or money order
4. Check by phone
5. Coming soon- Money Gram

Q. How do I submit payment?

A. Call our office at toll free 866-594-5200
Our mailing address:

Cred X Debt Recovery, LLC
25 Northpointe Pkwy. Suite 106
Amherst, NY 14228

*please make all checks payable to Cred X Debt Recovery and make sure to have the
reference number on the check or money order for proper filing.